Sep 28, 2010

20 Things That I Really Wanted...

1. A DSLR camera (H0pe I can get m0re m0ney. By working?)
2. 5A UPSR (Of c0urse! That's the main thing n0w.)
3. Happy at UKM (Xkanlah sad.)
4. Nice r00mmate at UKM (Wh0 will I talk t0 if d0n't?)
5. Ip0d (N0t sure but I d0n't want t0 use my m0ney.)
6. Get a jersey (Or keychain as l0ng as g0t f00tball l0g0 0n it.)
7. Get English c0urse f0r Writing and Imaginati0n (At UKM bec0z it's OK f0r me..)
8. New bag (Brand: Swan. F0r next year.)
9. Unif0rm (Baju kurung 0r pinaf0re?)
10. Can meet Messi (He's my id0l, beb!)
11. Get t0 be friend with an international artiste (Dreaming...)
12. Can learn easily (When in sec0ndary sch00l.)
13. My peac0ck fishes increase (Yeah man...I want t0 break new rec0rd.)
14. Get tawaran until luar negeri (D0n't g0 als0 nevermine!!)
15. A happy family (Yah...wh0 d0n't want, right?)
16. My bl0g get f0ll0wer (N0w is zer0..)
17. Be an author (H0pe s0, k? Dreamy May.)
18. Share a new c0mputer with Che (Oh man..)
19. Nice trip at Sabah (C0ming!!! Wait f0r me, dear Sabah!)
20. A b0y fall in l0ve wuth me 0r a crush (B0yfriend!)

P.S: I think n0. 10 n 11 are imp0ssible but nevermine.
I'll be Messi's n0 1 FAN! (N0. 10)
D0n't kn0w (N0.11)
H0pe can find 0ne at UKM (N0. 20 n just kidding!)

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