Sep 9, 2010

F00tballl again....;)

F00Tball feVER is stILL 0n 4 Me!!!!!!

U kn0w,I l0ve f00tball....since my grandpa rec0mend 2 me ar0und last 5 m0nths??
I l0ve MU,Barcel0na n m0st...ARGENTINA F00TBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!
U d0n't kn0w h0w I've l0ved them n I always want 2 meet them especially the FAM0US 0NE!
I l0ve Li0nel Messi!!!He's so000 hands0me n g00d in his carier.His girlfriend is pretty n they're g0in 2 marry this end year(written in Wikipedia)!!Oh man,,,I l0ve him s0 much than 0ther players!
Actually,,,players like R0naldho n Wayne R00ney is the devils!!!
They're s000 playb0y!!N0t like Messi....
Th0se wh0 l0ve R0naldh0 n R00ney,plez d0n mad...
Dis is just my 0pini0n n u can c0mment if u want 2...
Anyway,,,,L0VE u F00TBALL!!!!!!!

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