Sep 29, 2010 is life..

Hi...2day I've n0 m00d la..s0 b0ring. Everything is c0ntr0led by 0thers n n0t me. By d way, I'd already get my Permata Pintar letter. Hehe..quite happy c0z I d0n need 2 keep d secret 4m anyb0dy n0w. Mum came h0me early (last night). D0n kn0w what's d reas0n but nevermine. I hate the m0st when I had 2 sing a Raya s0ng 4 Mum's 0ffice Raya celebrati0n! I hate it! I d0n't want! I h0pe s0meb0dy understands me. Mum sc0ld me bec0z I d0n want.. I really d0n't want!!!! Help me, s0meb0dy... 2night g0t practice. I h0pe n0 0ne will pick me.. Please, s0meb0dy pujuk Mum 0r n0t I have 2 suffer... Haih...I've n0 right 2 ch00se alth0ugh it's my right. Yah,,, s0metimes parents d0n want 2 hear their kids opinion bec0z the parents think they've n0 right 2 speak n dat is called 'RUDE'...What?? Even in the newspapers enc0urage parents 2 listen 2 their child. Am I right?? But,,, what 2 d0? Guess I need 2 f0ll0w my Mum instructions. LIFE IS LIFE!

P.S:N0 heart feelings, please ? And thanks t0 d new f0ll0wer!! Hi, Je Ee or Ah Ee!!

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