Sep 24, 2010


Hi, every0ne!!I returned 4m my 'internet fast'.. Happy?? I think I'm happier than y0u all c0z I finished my very very maj0r exam dat is UPSR! N0w I just h0pe dat I get 5as. I h0pe all my frenz can get 5as n break 0ur sch00l rec0rd as the m0st 5as in 0ur sch00l hist0ry!! I wish that will be true c0z it's 0ur h0pe 2 increase 0ur sch00l's name...Mayb next year I may hear,,,"W0w!! Kemudi is s0 g00d...they earned a l0t 5as last year(2010). I want t0 register my s0n 2 d sch00l lah!" Dat will be extra c00l, beb! S0...I need 2 think wat sh0uld I d0 with my pretty bl0g n Bye!!!

P.S:My pets were g0ne but nevermine,,,I d0n need them anyway...;)

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