Sep 25, 2010


Hei, beb!!! I'm s000 exhausted after trying 2 dec0rate my little unkn0wn bl0g... H0w is it?? To0 much?? I think s0...but nevermine lah.. I'm g0nna d0 a p0le n ask everyb0dy ab0ut it lah! Let's talk ab0ut 2day's t0pic,,, just n0w I to0k care 0f Mum's tuition 4 a while (ar0und 30 minutes je). Quite nice but I'm tired n0w... My sis is at sch00l n0w n she's studying f0r her PMR exam. I think I'm g0ing 2 be a maid after this bec0z I bet Mum will let her study like I did. Huhu...I'm want 2 d0 'tang yuan' 4 my sis. Can't wait!!

P.S.: Tang Yuan is a type of dessert. It's very very nice!!!!!!!

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