Nov 1, 2010

Hi,,,,s0ri 4 my l0ng absence!

Ok, every0ne? I h0pe every0ne's fine n happy t0 hear me back. Well, 1st N0v until 3rd, I'm g0ing t0 have my test. It starts t0day l0gically..;) I asked my m0m whether if I get 5a in this test(with0ut studying at all),will she give me a big chess set? Her reacti0n sh0ws me that it is imp0ssible....but nevermine! D0 y0u kn0w, I d0n't prepare t0 face this test at all! I'm s0oo lazy after my real test(UPSR)...N0w I'm l00king 4ward 4 d permat pintar camp! Can't wait! if I g0 2 KL, I'm g0ing 2 buy a lot of f0otball keychains n keep it 4 next year. Then, I'll put it at my new bag! Aaarrghhh, I can't wait 2 buy new things especially a school bag! I have wait 4 years!! My mom want me t0 use an0ther bag that she g0t 4 present...I d0n't want!! Huhu...

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