Nov 6, 2010

Oh my....GOD...

Hula..! I'm fine but I'm havin' a flu n it's very n0t nice. Huh,, wh0 said be sick is nice?? Actually, that's n0t my p0int in this p0st. Lately, I always th0ught ab0ut g0in 2 sec0ndary sch00l as fast as I can. D0n't kn0w why n bec0z sch00l is g0in 2 finish! Aarrgghh!! My UPSR results... I really h0pe I can get 5A. Wish me luck, k? N0w,,,I want 2 sh0w u my sec0ndary sch00l list..

May's Secondary Sch00l List
1. A sch00l bag (black 0ne sh0uld be nice).
2. A pair 0r 2 of sch00l sh0es (maybe d ones with laces s0 that I may lo0k t0mb0y).
3. 2 pairs 0f baju kurung (A..ha!).
4. New stati0nery (including pencil box).
5. And bla...bla..bla..

P.S.: I want 2 l00k t0mb0y s0 that n0 0ne dare 2 bully me. Y0u kn0w,,there's l0t 0f bully in sec0ndary sch00l.. I als0 want 2 put f00tball keychains ar0und my will-c0me bag n pencil b0x.

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