Jan 30, 2011


Hi!! Surprise? Although I'm not allowed to use Facebook,I can still update my BLOG!! Just came back 4m the school 'cause I got cross-country practise. The real competition is on TUESDAY! Oh My,,, I can't wait! But I'm a bit 'low' just now. The first practise: I was slow! The second practise: I was fast and I got no. 4 overall! The third practise (latest) : I'm quite slow.

It's really dissapointing me! I hope I can repeat the glory of the 'second practise' again on Tuesday... Aarrgghhh!!! My whole body hurts and my kidneys,heart and liver too!! I'm sad...Oh God,,help me. I want to be one of the best 'cause I want to enter the zone level. I don't know why I love SPORTS so much! It's like...my LIFE. I don't know whether I'm good at it but I still want to try. I love my sports house too that is PERKASA!! I know other houses is better but I love PERKASA (really don't know why) !!

P.S: Going to Kota Bharu... to buy some things for praying and CNY!!!

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