Jun 15, 2011

3 = Triple

Hello !! Hehe ... Another post on school day again ! Guess what ? 2day is my practical music exam ! I managed to play the pieces quite well . BTW,,, I got straight As in my exam ! Yipee ! I'm soo00oo happy . My dream to have a MP will finally be fullfilled ! Hehehe ... Wait ! B4 I leave you ,, I want 2 say another good news . I ... I ... am qualified to take PERMATApintar UKM2 test !!!!! It's kinda an IQ test and if we succeed in UKM1, we'll get UKM2 and if we succeed in UKM2, we'll be eligible to participate in a camp where we can learn something as a high IQ kid . I think that's the best definition for you guys . I've been to the camp once, last year . I'm so happy ! Triple joy, triple happiness !! Hahaha ... I have been praying to God so that I can go to the camp again . It's so nice learning all those new stuffs that we can't learn in school ! Thank you so much, God !! Thank you !!

p/s : 2morow is Thursday !! Yeay !! The start of weekend !! :D

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