Jun 26, 2011

Ermm ... What ?! :D

Hi ! Heehehehehee ... Ermm,, I don't know what to say right now but I know I should write a post for you guys . Waaaa,, hahaha ! Okay,, now straight to the point . I'm sad + happy today . I finally feel the need to choose friends wisely . Hmmm ... :D

Sad story first .. F.R.I.E.N.D.S = friends ... What should I do to prevent myself from being bad ?! Okay,, first,, choose a good friend . Yaaahhh ,,, good friends . How can I find that special person ?? Hmm .. Had to think about it . I'm soo00oo lonely this morning . I don't have friends to talk . My friends talked so much things that is not related to any things that I like . Examples : Love . My friends are pretty, of course ! But, me ?? Just a ... huh ... Ugly duckling ?? So,, I just do my homework, homework and HOMEWORK . Nevermine,, at least I'm hardworking, right ?? :D

This pic is cute, right ?? It explains my feelings right now . :D Just ignore my wish to have Mr Right, okay ?? Hhahahaha .. I'll never get one, I think so . ~sad~ Now,, please get out of this love story ! Hehehhehe ... Okay,, guys . Saw my wish list ?? It's at the right side of my blog . And do see the first wish : MP3 or MP4 or MP5 . I hoped to have that cool gadget but ... I feel pity towards my parents .. It's not that cheap, right ?? It's quite expensive and I don't want to burden them . But ,,, it's my dream !! Mum promised me if I get straight As (and I got it already) ,, Mum will buy one . But ,, I think it's better for me to cancel the wish but it will still stick on my list . :D Just have to wait for one day ...

p/s : I am such a good daughter, right ?? Hahaha ... BTW,, just keep this as a secret, okay ?? Shhh ... :D Okay,, had to help Mum now . Bye !

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