Jun 8, 2011

Ermmm ... What ?!

No idea what 2 talk now . Feelin so empty now ... Soo00ooo boring ! Yesterday, chatted with my BFFs at Facebook . Soo00ooo nice talkin bout this and that ! Hahaha ... If u're readin this, haha ! I can't wait 4 the holidays 2 pass, guess so . I don know why ! Maybe coz I have a new bag (my old bag can't be use already) ? Haha !! Guess so ! And there's many excitement waitin 4 me at school ! :D

My friends who went 2 the reunion yesterday said , " It's so boring ! " Luckily, I didn't go ! Hehehe ... Most of my BFFs didn't go so, of course ! Life is boring without them ! One of my BFFs said if I handle this reunion, it should be nice . That's a compliment, think so . Hehe,, glad to hear that ! The first reunion was handled by me (mostly) last March . And, she tell me that I should do a reunion next time . Huh ! I'm lazy ! Although the 1st reunion is nice, it made me like a crazy girl ! Must think about it all day ! How ? When ? Where ? But,, at last ! Like I said, it went nice ! Heeee ... :D

Hmm ... Maybe I should handle another one ? It's like ... I can't handle the so big ocassion anymore ! But,, maybe I can do ? That's a mystery . Nevermine ! It's too early . BTW, try to listen this song - All Day (Cody Simpson) ! It's nice !

You're like my favourite song on the radio, radio, radio, radio ! I could listen to you all day ! You're like a music video, video, vi-vi, video ! I could look at you all day ! You make do my two-step all day ! You keep me looking fly for ya all day ! So, you should be my girlfriend all day ! Well, like a hit on my radio, radio !

p/s : The chorus . Haha ! :D

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