Jun 19, 2011

Happyy ... To read it, please continue ... :D

Heylooo00oo ...!! First of all, I would like to wish every father in this world including mine, Happy Father's Day !! Thank you so much for taking care of us besides Mum . You're the best guy, Papa !! :D

Hahahaha ... 2day I have lots to tell you . First of all, I went up the stage just now, i mean,, in the morning . Heeeeee ... I got presents from the Principal for the straight As results in this mid-year exam . Happy !! Heheheeee ... Got some logbooks . Wahhh ... There's so many people clapping their two little hands . :D I am also the Top Student for Form 1 . I'm not bragging, okay !! Just trying to share my happiness . :D

BTW, the second one ... My friend (BFF) also got UKM 2 and she will take the exam on the same date, same day, same session, same school !!! Yipeee ...!! Can't wait 2 see her !

Third one ,,, errrmm ... Darn it ! I forgot ! Wait ... Oh, nevermine ! I just can't remember it . Okay,, this is for 2day . Ermmm,,, guess this is a 'bye' . Bye !!

p/s : Did homework for 2 hours (maybe more than that) . Wow ! Crazy ! Haha,, I know . :D

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