Jun 10, 2011

Haylloo00oo ...!

Hi ...!! BTW, the plan 4 Mummy is cancelled . Papa said he just wanted 2 buy some fresh seafood 4 Mum, so that she could cook . Haha ,, the birthday girl must cook ! Actually, Papa planned that because he said Mummy's cooking is more delicious compared to other restaurants . Hehe ! 2day went 2 tuition but everything goes well . Then went 2 piano class . My aural piano exam is coming ! I'm scared ! I played quite terrible just now . Not that terrible, but it's not perfect !! I'm doo00oomed !! After this, had 2 practise my piano pieces again . I'm going 2 take my exam on 15th of June that is on Wednesday .

My toe hurts now ! Not that terrible laa ... My sis stepped on my foot (or feet . I forgot ! What ?!) and ouch ! That's my first scream . And then, sis thought it's the floor tile and she 'pushed' while 'stepping' the imaginary floor tile that is actually my foot . Ouch ! That's the second one . One of my toe nail was ... what can I say ? Urmm ... the easiest way > It's painful ! But, I don't cry laa . I kept blaming my sis ! Hahaha ... I'm soo00oo bad, rite ? Hehe ...

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