Jun 6, 2011

Holidays = A lot of things 2 do

~Yawn~ Hehe ... Juz woke up from sleep after watchin' Never Say Never movie . Comment : Okay laa ... Heeeee .... I was crazy about a song entitled : I My Me Mine by 4MINUTE . It's a Korean song, I don really like K-POP actually but this song is great, cute, catchy and WOW ! Haha ... There's also some English hitz that I'm crazy about it now . But,,, it's 2 long ! :D

2morow I have a reunion but I'm not going coz there's no one is gonna send me there . But ,,, it's okay ! My best friend will not attend the reunion too, so I think there's no use for me to be there . Heheeee ... Sory yaa ,,, my friends ! We juz did last 2 months, by the way . I can still remember my friends ! Haha ...

p/s : Goin 2 watch Bones later on ! Yipeee ...! This is the 2nd post 4 2day . Whoa ... 2 much things 2 say !! :D

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