Jun 28, 2011

I finally found a true friend ... :D

Hi ...! What's up ?! Now,, again,, please open the Book of May to see what happens today . It's about True Friends and Sports Day . Let's continue ... :D

Okaeyh ... I was deeply touched by my friend just now (during Sports Day) . Want to know what happen ?? Sorry,, this secret can't be shared to public . But ,, just one thing . I cried . Just that, no more clues . Hahahaha ... At least,, I have found my true friend . :D I hope this won't change forever . FRIENDS FOREVER !!

Now,,, 2nd story, please . 28th and 29th of June is my school's Sports Day that is actually,, today and tomorrow ! OMG ... Why OMG ?? 'Cause I'm taking part in 4x100m and 200m . I'm scared ! I wish I could win but ... can I ?? I'm not an excellent runner ! My God ! Everyone is thinking that I could win . Everyone is hoping me to win . I never win a gold medal before !! Oh my ! What am I going to do ?!! First,, pray . That's the best . Second, collecting luck from all of you . Wish me 'Good Luck' please ?? I need it so much ! :D Pray for me too if you hope me to win . I'm going to compete tomorrow . Haih ... help me ... Huhu ! Okaeyh ... Now,, it's time for me to go . Bye !

p/s : Our Girl Guide march is amazing ! Hahhaha ... :D

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