Jun 24, 2011

A week full of laughs and hatred ... :D

Hey, guys ! This week is such an emotional week . Not really, actually . Hahaha ! I got a lot of stories to tell you ! Wanna know ? Do read ... :D

Sad story first, please . Hehehehe ... Okay,,, my friends treat me like I'm a bad girl . To be more exact , a bad tomboy ! Huh ... The story is very long and I don't think you will understand my problem . I'm so lonely this week . No one seems to take care of me (friends) .
Except the boys such as Taufiq, Ibrahim and Idris and mostly my best friend,, Ifzan . :D They have been making me smile and laugh this week . I'm so glad to have them by my side ! Thank you !! I hope the girls will be fine next week . Yaaahhh,, girls .... Girls is soo00oo complicated ! Hmph ! I'm not included 'cause I'm a tomboy . Hahaha ! It's so weird to know that our friends (boys) is better than the girls . I don't mean that I don't like my friends (girls) ... It's just that I miss my old friends ... So sad ... But ... it's a norm to separate and meet new friends, rite ?? Wee Soo May is stressed now .... Okay,, just try to ignore my sadness , okay ? Hahaha ... I have been laughing with love ! :D

I'm so proud and happy that my English teacher used my essay to teach other classes how to make a good essay . Hehehe .. Take note, I'm not bragging ! :D Soo00oo happy . Other English teachers photocopied my essay too ! Yeay !! I hope I can do better essay in the future . Maybe I'll post my essay if I'm free . :D BTW,, I'm super nervous to face Sports Day !! OMG !! Can someone give me some motivation ?? :D I'm having butterflies in my stomach ! I hate this . I can't imagine running through the field with hundreds of students looking at me, cheering at me, screaming at me ! Hahaha ! Haaaaaaarrrggghhhh ... < Stress scream :D

I'd like to make myself believe ,
That planet Earth turns slowly ,
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
awake when I'm asleep ,
'Cause everything is never as it seems ,
When I fall asleep ...

p/s : Fireflies - Owl City . I'm havin' Adam Young fever ! Haha .. Have to go now ! Bye ! :D

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