Jul 16, 2011

Hey ! A busy week has gone by ...

What'zz up ?? Hahaha .. A good quote to greet someone especially if you're not around for a very, very long time . Yahh ,, that's me ! A very, very lazy girl who doesn't update her blog . Well ,, I owe you an explanation . I'm can't update my blog and even Facebooking recently . Mum went to somewhere (Shh !) and she took the broadband . But now she's back ! Muahahaha .. :D

Let me retold you all 'bout my week . Let's see what happens lately ... As I have told you , I'm takin' part in marching in PESKO . Please refer to my older posts to know what is PESKO . I'm in a hurry now . Hehehehe .. We practised well on Tuesday and Wednesday which is my best practice ever ! I love it ! And the bro (who taught us how to march) praised me for being a good marcher . Is 'marcher' exists in the dictionary ? Well , I'm not sure . I have good sleep too since the tiring practice . Good ! :D

And ,, can you guess what happens on 14th July ?? Hehee .. Look at my profile and you'll know . It's a special day , you know . Hahaa .. My friends did remember the day and .. they wished me . I thought they forgot . Glad to have friends like them . :D My just-came-back friend was the one who planned all the surprises . Well , I'm surprised ! Hahahahahahaha .. But felt a bit dissapointed 'cause Mum is not around and we don't celebrate my birthday until she comes back . She's home but .. hmm .. the celebration is not important actually . So, no harm done . I went to school as usual . Received a lot of birthday wishes as well . It seems that everyone in the school knows my birthdate ! Hahaha ,, funny, rite ? Every time I passed them , they will say ' Happy Birthday ! ' and if someone hears them , they will wish me too . So ,, it's kinda .. contagious ?? Haahahaha .. Happy , though . Practised marching at around 12 afternoon . It's hot ! I was so upset and angry when there's so little wanted to win this march competition . And I have no idea why the practise was the worst practise I've ever had ! I was so angry that I slammed the doors and walked away . I mean ,, I don't walk away during the practise . I was in bad mood , you see ? Then, my friends did some stupid jokes and I was annoyed with them . And I realised somethin' is missing ...
I asked them where's my bottle . They kept smiling and laughing and it's .. argh ! Can't they understand I'm in a bad mood now ?! I hit them with my bag and ran away . Dramatic . Hahaha .. Well ,, they realised their mistake , of course and apologised . Hahaha ,, what a scene on my birthday . Hehehehe .. :D

Glad to have friends like them . I'm happy ! PESKO is the best event in my school life (for the meantime) ! It's great ! I love it ! :D

p/s : I passed my music exam but I'm not sure what grade did I get . There's 3 grade , Distinction ( A ) , Merit ( B ) and lastly , Pass ( C ) . I don't think I got Distinction but who cares ! Hahaha ,, well ,, I do . Sis didn't pass, though . Pity her . She cried a bit . If it was me ,, I think I cried too . Well ,, had to go . Bye !

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