Jul 8, 2011

Hi, all !! :D

Before I start, let me say somethin' . Sorry2x !!! I have been neglecting (1st time usin' this word ! clap3x !) my blog and you all all this while !! I'm soo00oo sorry ! Okaeyh ,, to fulfill your promise (promise ??) ,, I'll gather all the interesting stories now ! Yahh,, now ! Rite,, let's start !

A nice school week but a boring week . Hahaha ! Is that sane ? Oh,, just ignore me . I'm crazy . Thanks for not reminding me . :D As usual, I'm not a pretty girl so, I don't have fans or boyfriends in my school . But, my friends are the opposite of me . Yahh ,, they got lots !! But,, this means .. I can protect myself from being a bad girl and a will-not-last-long-love or more exact, puppy love . That's good but the prob is ,, my friends are kinda ignoring me maybe 'cause I don't have boyfriend to boast about ! But,, whatever ! I still have my other friends who don't have boyfriends or girlfriends . :D

Was thinkin' about eatin' Penang Laksa . Hehehe ,, it's a kind of dish of noodles and it's sour gravy which has small fish flesh in it . :D Really don't know why . Now, out of this topic . There's goin' to be a PESKO at my school . PESKO stands for Pesta Ko-kurikulum or in English , Co-curriculum (spelling unsure) Fest . It should be so nice !! Auww ...!! And there's goin' 2 be a singing competiton too ! I felt like takin' part but I just don;t know what song am I going to sing .. Hmm .. Let's just think 'bout that later . BTW,, that's the Penang Laksa (below) . Delicious !

Goin' to share you all somethin' but maybe some of you (or maybe all) knew 'bout this . It's deadly cute !! The name of this 'thing' is ,, Danbo !! I love Danbo ! Take note, it's Danbo not Domo . Okaeyh ,, whatever ! I'm now copying and pasting these pictures into my collection . Heee .. So nice !!

p/s : Had to go ! < How many times should I tell you guys ?!! Hahahahaa ,, bye ! :D

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