Jul 4, 2011

What a very, very, very long day ! :D

Ohh,, hi !! I miss you guys and especially ... my blog !! Haahaha ... What's uppp ?? I have lots to tell you . I really mean it , a lot . But, just had to shorten the story a bit 'cause I need to do my homework . Heeee ... :D

My sis and I went to Machang High School instead of going to school . Why ? 'Cause both of us got the first place in writing essay competition . We won ! Went there to get our presents and certificates . Hehehe .. Happy ! :D Didn't have to go to school !

Today a.k.a Monday
School day !! Spent the whole morning hiding from a bat . It kept flying around our house ! Sis hid below a cushion while I just hid my face while eatin' my bread . Haha ... Went to school as usual and my teacher just got my PERMATApintar letter and told me about that . Actually, I knew already . :D Had to try to do the best !! There's nothin' very excited today but I missed a lot of things yesterday . I just knew our class monitor changed . It's another person already . Wow ! Things happens so fast ! The boys (not all) had been scold by our teacher . Everyone kept quiet and the teacher said the last class is better than the first class, that is our class . Huh .. Why every teacher in my class likes to compare my class with other class ?! I don't like that . It's like our class is soo00oo .. horrible ?? Yahh , but I like the teacher (who scold the boys) . Been quiet in her lesson 'cause ... TEACHER IN BAD MOOD !

Just came back from Sports practice . It's not for our Sports Day, okay ? It's years ago ! Hahaha .. Errmm ,, it's for another championship . I just want to try and try my luck . Who knows , right ?? Maybe I'm lucky ! :D But,, there's just one thing . My friends hate sports . I don't know why . As a conclusion, I'm alone . So sad .

p/s : Have to go ! I really have to ! Huhu ,, wish I have longer time to update my post . BTW,, my classmate, I mean my primary school classmate, study at my class now ! So happy ! :D He had some problem at his new secondary school, so he decided to come here . It's good ! Everyone missed him including me, of course ! :D Welcome back !

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