Sep 9, 2011

Hurmmm ..

Hi , May's citizens ! Sorry for not updating my blog for some time since .. erm .. Sunday ? Hurm , whatever ! *trying hard to smile for all of you . :)

I'm not in a good mood now , actually . I'm in an extra-sad mood in my 13th years old life ! Yahhh ,, havin' to face a situation where my 2 best friends move to other school ! How do you feel if you're in my position ?? I feel like crying but my eyes just couldn't let the tears flow .. Both of them are my best boyfriends ! They ARE boys . But ,, they treat me well . I never thought we'll separate . Why ?! Why is this happening ?! Why did I sound like a bad movie tonight ?? I don't know but this is true . I can't believe this . Why must they leave me alone ?! Why ?? Why ? Answer me , please ! 

I know , I'm a bit too over-reaction but there's nothin' wrong with that , rite ? They make me happy all the times , they make me smile and laugh , they gave me presents , wished me birthday wishes and accompany me sometimes when I don't have anyone . They understand me , not like most of my girlfriends . They knew everything 'bout me ! But , I know . They didn't want to move either . They had to . Maybe I just have to let them go . Yahhh ,, let them go . :)

I will remember you guys forever . I'll never forget our memories together . I love both of you , F and I . Don't forget me ! Thanks for making my life complete !  

Dear F ,
Thanks for giving me present during my birthday .. you even tried to do a party for me , invited me to your farewell party , making me happy all the times during your stay . Good luck and be patient no matter what happens next . Thanks again for making my life complete ! Bye ! Selamat tinggal ! Cai jian ! Sayonara ! Annyong ! :)

Dear I ,
Thanks for telling me your secrets , stories , jokes , talked to me .. eventhough many boys laugh at you for talking with a girl , making me happy during our friendship all this while . Yahh ,, I know that we argued a lot of times but that doesn't matter . It's just a bitter memory for both of us . Good luck and be patient too . Thanks again for making my life complete ! Bye ! Selamat tinggal ! Cai jian ! Sayonara ! Annyong ! :)

When we're in Form 4 , I want both of you to study here again ! I'll wait for both of you !

Lots of love ,
Wee Soo May

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