Sep 11, 2011

School : All the time ..

Yo , what'zzz up ?? May's here ! Hahahaha .. Wait ..! Hahahaha ? Yup , hahahaha . I'm back ! With a cheerful look , not like my last post . I managed to set my mind that I must accept the fact that he's no longer around . < if you have no idea what I'm talkin' about , please read the post " Hurm " . Now , I'm quite cheerful despite he's gone . I'm happy today ! :D

I've been smiling and laughing today . A lot of times . Hahaha .. Nothing stops me today from doing anything ! Trah ( my friend ) and me were talking 'bout this and that and this . Mostly about .. Super Junior !! Both of us are SuJu freaks ! Try to imagine , two freaks sitting together in a class . It's gotta be .. wow .. great ! It's true that friends uplift the soul .. :D 

It's fun to learn inside our new class ! New class ?? Oh yaah , I forgot to tell you guys that we moved to other class , a Form 5 class . The reason is ,, err .. I don't know how to say but does it matters ? Not really , rite ? Hahaha ,, Wee Soo May is such a low English writer . That class was nice but the only thing that I don't like bout the class is .. it's kinda old and dark . I don't like to study in dark . But , it's okay now 'cause I have Trah sitting beside me . So , it's not boring ! I'm lucky to have her . :D

Had to go but before that , F sent me a message yesterday . He said like this ,

" Hello May , when you received this message , that means I'm on my way to Pulau Pinang .. I want to say goodbye to you 'cause you are willing to be my friend for this two months . I have something to give to you , please take it from A 'cause I gave it to him .. Actually I am so sad to leave you guys again .. But it's okay , your faces will be in my mind and will never dissapear from my mind forever . Okay May , I think I will stop here and I have one thing to say to you , " You are my bestfriend forever and ever . " " 

I felt like crying when I received his message . That was one of the best message I've ever got . Thanks , F . Had to go now ! Mum's mood started to 'down' now . Bye ! :D

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