Oct 5, 2011

.. all well and ended well .. :D

Wish you a good day , earthlings ! Hahaaa .. Well , well , missed my blog so much ! How are you , my sweetie ? * yucks . I love TODAY . Yup , today . Why ? It's Oral Assessment Day ! It went .. err .. wait , let me tell you from the beginning . * flashback . Whoooossshh ! :D

The first day our dear teacher ( Madam A ) told us that we need to do a drama for our oral assessment , I was very excited . Of course , I don't have any problem to choose my members . It's R and Trah and .. me ! The moment I knew about that , my mind already gave me a lot of idea , on how to make it unique , on how to write the script . My heart was beating fast too . Madam A gave us two weeks time . And I was the script writer . We wanted to use our own sentences in order to make it special . You know ,, it's a hard competition for everyone . That's why we need to do the best ! :D

We practised and practised . We staybacked at school until 5.30 pm everyday no matter what . It was a very hard work for all of us . But , things changed . Madam A gave us 3 weeks time . We practised more and more ! Staybacked was a common thing for us , although it make us tired . We stick together and practised . And today was everything . 30240 minutes of practice were only paid off with a sketch worth 8 minutes . But , we don't mind . It will be the coolest thing we've ever done in this Planet Earth . *sob , sob . too touching .

No one except us knew how hard our minds has work for us . The ideas was originally made from our brains . How dare the other group copied our ideas but we did nothing . We treated them as our competitor . We fought them by practising harder . And we wished we were the last group to perform so that we could do our special show without having any copycats copy us .

--flashback done--

And here we are , being the last group . Everyone was watching and our hearts were jumping .

I started first 'cause I'm the leader :

Good morning to our dear teacher , Madam A and to our fellow classmates . Our group consists of three members . Today , R , May and me are going to present a short sketch . Our sketch are based on our graphic novel that is Black Beauty . This sketch shows the life of a colt that grows up into a full-grown horse as he encounters cruelty , sufferings and a life of mistreatment towards animals . We will also use some props and narration to ensure all our spectators will understand our sketch . Well , we hope all of you will enjoy our sketch . Thank you .

And it goes quite well except the first scene ( 'cause everyone was nervous including me ) . We did everyone laughed . It's a special feeling for me or perhaps , for us . And the last minute was the most nervous part : our special show .. R counted until 3 and we sang :

When you're gone , the pieces of my heart is missing you . When you're gone , the face I've been looking for is missing too . When you're gone , the words I need to hear to always make me through the day , and make it okay . I miss you ..

And we threw small pieces of coloured paper around us as soon as the song ended . It was .. wow . I never thought it will be as amazing and wonderful as this . The papers ,,, were like our freedom . Madam A smiled broadly . Ohh , this was ,, the most amazing thing I've ever done . Everyone was cheering and begged Madam A to give us full marks . I felt like crying .. Our hard work was paid off with cheerings and compliments .. It was the most excellent thing I've ever done .. 

p/s : I'm not bragging 

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