Mar 13, 2012

Importance of Friendship :)

Hola ! This is my 2nd post for today . I am so bored ! There's nothing I can do except for sitting in front of the laptop and face it for the whole morning . -_- Hmm .. So , I decided to write about the importance of friendship . I wrote this essay when I'm in Form 1 . I still remembered my teacher praised me for my essay and I was so happy at that time . What a wonderful feeling . Waaaa .. :)

So let's start :

No 123 ,
Somewhere on Earth ,
10203 Milky Way ,
Earth .

19 May 2011 

Dear Dze Rynn , 

Hello ! I hope you are in the pink . How is your family in Penang ? I was surprised to receive your letter . Thank you . Let me give some points about the ' Importance of Friendship ' . I am sure this will help you in your Moral assignment .

Friendship is very important in our life , right ? Well , if one day you forgot to bring your pencil case , you need your friends to provide you pencils , pends and others . We must love and take care of our friends . We don't be feeling lonely and our friends would not backstab us . I don't think you are a backstabber , do you ?

Sometimes , we might have friends who have family problems in their teenage life . Help them and try to be a good listener . Maybe in the future , we are the ones who need their help . Share our joy and sorrow together . That's the most important point as friends are meant to be like that . That is what friends are for ! Can you still remember the classic song that we sang that day ? It's about friends and maybe you should write the lyrics in your assignment , Dze Rynn .

Friends could also help each other especially in their studies . For an example , my friends help me in Bahasa Melayu subject because I am weak in that subject . I help them back in any of their weakest subject for an exchange . We do homework together every weekend . How about you ? Do you do that with your friends ?

Lastly , friends can build our confidence especially if we have a lot of friends . This will improve our power of speech and help us to make more friends . We can also share our hobbies with our friends . Who knows if some of our friends share the same hobby ?

I hope these points will be enough for your Moral assignment . May I have a copy of it when you are finished ? I am excited to see it . Well , I have to stop now . See you in the future . By the way , please send my regards to your family . Bye .

Your best friend ,
Wee Soo May .

Fuh ! What a long letter . Whatever . Haha . But still , I think this essay is quite okay , right ? Or not ? For me it's half OK and half KO . What about you ? BTW , Dze Rynn is one of my best friends . Everything I write here is exactly the same with my original essay except for the address . Haha , 10203 Milky Way ? What the .. :D

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