Mar 23, 2012

PS. I love you !

Hi !! I just read a book entitled " PS. I Love You " written by Cecelia Ahern . I read the whole book in less than two days ! * bragging . It's so nice and yet a romantic story . It's very , very nice . It's not a new book actually , but I just had the courage to read the thick book for no reason . Haha .

It's about a lady , Holly who had just lost her husband , Gerry due to brain tumor . And she finally knew that her husband had actually left her with 10 letters . The letters would always end with " PS. I love you " . The letters guided Holly in every actions she took .

So , I recommend this book . It's so touching and I felt like crying sometimes . Gerry was so thoughtful of his wife . And there's a quote in the book that I loved so much !!

" Shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll still be among the stars . " 

It's so meaningful , right ? I wish I could have watched the movie . But still , it's very , very , very and a very nice novel ! Suitable for those who love romantic novels . * I don't really like romantic novels , actually .

PS. I love you ! :)


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