Mar 11, 2012

Story of the day :)

Okay , today I cried , I laughed , I smiled , I sulked . Purr .. Today I went somewhere very far from house which made me cry . I wanted to stay at home ! Sleep until 12 noon ! lazy kid . It's school holiday , okay !! But then , Mum had to go somewhere far and I had to follow her . Hmm .. Then , I started to feel happy again because Mum said she's going to take me to look for the Arthur Christmas DVD ! I think Mum's getting bored of me due to my non-stop " Arthur Christmas " chant every day . Pity Mum . Haha .

Then , we went to a shop and there's NO Arthur Christmas DVD there . My eyes getting red . I'm DISSAPOINTED . Felt like screaming plus crying aloud in the shop . And Mum said that the DVD is just a minor priority . My heart crashed . No , it isn't ! It's one of my top wishes this year : that is to own an Arthur Christmas DVD . -_- But then , she's still my mum , rite ? Just have to follow her orders . Sob , sob .

I became happy again when Papa agree to bring me to the biggest DVD shop in the town to find Arthur Christmas DVD . Yaabeedaabeedoo ..!! I felt so happy and I hope that I'll find the DVD one day . * wishing :)

After analysing my story for today , I noticed that my wish for an Arthur Christmas DVD had played a major part in my emotions . What ?! Yeap , but it's true . See ? I cried when I couldn't find it but I became happy again when Papa gonna bring me to find the it . No Arthur , No May . Yes , that's right . I'll go crazy without him . Haha . Just hope that I'll find it somewhere . ^^

Gonna find it , I will !

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