Mar 19, 2012

Ten-pin bowling !

Yeah ! I'm selected to represent my district in ten-pin bowling competition ! o.O Huh ? When did I even play bowling ? Well , haha . I never represent my school in bowling actually . No experience at all . But at least , I knew how to play bowling . I went bowling a few times before . This is so cool . No practices , no nothing and suddenly I can represent my district to state level . What the .. Yeah , what the ?! Who even cares ? My teacher said my team has to get 100 points and above . Wow . That's going to be hard , actually . But , I'll try . One thing is , we have to do our own practice . Urgh , it's hard you know . We have to plan , we have to book the place first and have to think about transport , food and so on . We are still kids ! o.O I mean , it's hard to do practice without a teacher training us . Sob , sob . My coach doesn't want to train us . He said he's lazy . Hmph . -_- So , my gang thought of going to town on Saturday to practice bowling . The competition is on next Monday . One more week to practice !! Oh no ..! Is there any possibility that our team could win ? We never represent our school before and now ? Represent the district ?? Okay , I have no idea how could we win in this ridiculous condition . It's so ridiculous and yet so funny . But , if we win , that will be great ! But if we lose , it will be okay because at least we have done the best , right ? :)

The conclusion is : I can't wait for this coming Saturday and Monday . Peace . :)

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