Mar 13, 2012

Tips to cure the UNWANTED ! :D

Okay , 3rd post for the day . -_- This shows that I love to post . Haha . BTW , what's the unwanted that I mean ? Well , all the bad things that you hate , of course ! What do I hate ? Urm . I hate flu , cough , fever and pimples ! Brrr .. Do you hate them too ? I betcha !

Cure fever :

Use more than one blankets when you sleep
This is the most effective way I've done ever ! If you're having fever , sleep with two or three blankets to allow your body sweat . I does that always . Giving out sweat will decrease our body temperature . I guarantee 99.99% that you'll be fine when you wake up the next morning . Confirmed by Dr Wee Soo May . Haha .

Prevent cough or sore throat :

Drink orange juice
I prefer drinking Pulpy Minute Maid . It's so pulpylicious until you can't even believe that you drink the whole bottle up in just a short time . If you throat starting to get itchy , try to drink it . I've tried this way before and it worked ! My dad taught me this tip . Thanks Dad ! Love ya !

Fight pimples :

Find a used tea sachet
Why ? Well , listen first . Search for one and open up the sachet and then , spread it all over your face . Huh ? Does it work ? Well , I've never try it before but my sis did . She said it did make the pimple smaller and her face felt fresher . Hmm .. I think I should try it someday . What about you ?

So , try this simple tips to prevent any unwanted things , okay ? Just wanna share this small knowledge to all of you . Sharing is caring ! :D

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