Apr 6, 2012

Be thankful .

Have you ever wondered how the situation looks like when a garbage truck passes by ? I'm sure you know it and so do I . There will be ' Aaaah 's , ' Ooohh 's , ' Errkkk 's , ' Uwekkk 's and so on . Some even curse at the truck like ' Damn ! ' and ' Shit ! ' just because of its strong stinky smell , right ? I feel sad . Yes , sad . Do you know , behind those humiliations , there's a being , that feels it . He's just like us but yet , he has to feel the pain . It's the garbage truck DRIVER . 

Do you know how hard it is to stand people's humiliations ? Do you ever .. face so much humiliations every day and every time ? The driver faces it every day . And he , doesn't ever complain about it . So , why must we humiliate them ? Do you know how long must he stand the stinky smell ? Do you even know how can he stand looking at the rotting garbage every day ? The maggots ? The rats ? Flies everywhere ? But , we didn't think about that , right ? We just thought that the garbage truck is stinky and brings bad luck to us which I mean , the smell . 

I can't even imagine if I'm a garbage truck driver . I don't know how could I face the public every day . Being hated by everyone . But that's their job . They just have to face it to survive . Just like us . We work to survive . For food . For shelter . For our family ! Do you think the truck moves by itself ? No one handling it and no one have to listen to all your curses ? No . They have to . 

Who is going to collect the rubbish if they're no around ? Who's gonna collect the rotting , filled with maggots rubbish if they're not around ? We should be thankful because without them , our world would be stinkier . Is that what you or we want ? No , right ? Can you imagine no one's gonna collect our rubbish ? It's going to be so much stinkier than having garbage trucks pass by us 10 times . 

So , remember . Don't ever , ever , ever again curse the trucks when it passes by or even say ' Yuck 's and so on which I know you knew it . Just be thankful for having them to handle the rubbish , okay ? I wrote this based on true story .  Amitabha . :)

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