Apr 29, 2012

Day 1 Challenge :)

It's time to start the 30 day challenge! Let's see what's the challenge for today:

"Day 1- A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was."

So .. here's my can't-see-face photo. I took it yesterday actually, uh, nevermine. The mirror is quite dirty lah. Sorry! 

My day.. How's my day.. Hmm.. Fine. Nothing special happen much today. It's just the usual normal routine that I face everyday. Woke up. Bath. Breakfast. School. Assembly. Class. Break. Class again. Came back home. Yaah. Except for going to CC (Cyber Cafe) today with Trah.

The CC was cool! But then, the room was filled with CN BLUE (K-POP) songs. Uh. I don't really adore K-POP songs anymore now. BTW, the computer is so damn fast. 

Today I finally done a remarkable task in my life as a prefect. I finally succeeded in making the so-called-diva group in my school put back their own plates and glasses back into the basin. They always eat and leave the plates and so on on the table, untouched. Is it so hard to put back the dirty dishes back? So, today, amazingly, I found some courage to make sure that the table is clean forever and now on. And the divas listened. Hoho. Cool. I've done my job as a prefect finally! Yes!  

High ten!

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