Apr 27, 2012

Sadness ..

Sad . That's the only feeling that I feel right now . Hmm .. I don't know what to write . Speechless . Immobile . Unable to type , eat , walk or drink . My eyes are getting teary . Why ? Why must I face this ?

I don't want to be the second or the last anymore . I don't want people to hurt me with sensitive issues anymore . I just want my personal time . Why am I being treated like this ? Have I done something bad ? Karma ? I don't want to be alone . I want people to care about me . I don't want to be left behind . This is so sad . I always feel very sad . I hate the way people calling me sensitive names and tell me about something that they are not supposed to . I hate the way people treat me differently . I hate to be hurt . Why ? Am I supposed to be the only one who must face all of this ? No one would ever listen to my stories for who should I tell to ? No one . No one understands and will never be . Just my diary . My loyal can't-speak diary . 

I might look happy , but inside .. I'm not . Thanks for reading my so sad post . Peace :')

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