May 25, 2012


Hey, I'm finally back in my world. Exam is over and now it's holidays. I'm so bored. Everything seems to be so boring. Why? Hmm.. I'm going to be disconnected from the world again. Oh. No more internet. No more computers. No more technology. I'm doomed. What should I do? Okay, you guys understand what am I talking about? No. Oh yes, good. I also don't know what am I trying to type here. I'm going back to my village. ALONE. My sister is not going. Well, she is 17 and she has to take our country's most major and important exam. So, she has tonnes of homework and classes. Leaving me alone. For two weeks. Two weeks? That's so long. It's nice to stay at countryside but without internet, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Helping my grandma doing chores maybe. At least my MP5 can accompany me by my side. Yeah. :)

By the way, I have no hope that I could finish that 30 days blog challenge. I'm too lazy for that. HURGH.

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