May 14, 2012

Day 13 Challenge .. :)

"Day 13 – Short term goals for this month and why?"

My goal for this month : Gain straight As for exam.

Well, who wouldn't want? I know I have to do the best. I want to get high grades. I don't want to have C anymore for Bahasa Malaysia. No more C or B, I hope. I want to make my parents proud of me again. I want to get the highest marks in every subject. Is that possible? Hmm, I don't know but at least I want more than 90% marks. Yes, that's my goal. 

So, what should I do now? Study. Yeah, study. Or not, how can I reach my goal? But, how can I still update my blog every day? Simple. I scheduled all these posts. So, the post you're reading right now is written by me a long time ago. This is to make sure you guys wouldn't be bored reading the same thing every day, right? Is there even someone reads my blog? Oh, never mine. That's not important.

Nothing can stop me from studying except the word 'LAZY'. Dear Mr Lazy, please don't affect me with your laziness, can you? I'm tired of it. 

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