May 1, 2012

Day 3 Challenge .. :)

"Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date."

Your idea? Perfect first date? Does this challenge asks me to write something about first date? Oh, great. * facepalm. Huh. So, what does date really means? Love date? Hang out date? Family date? Well, hmm, no one knows. But then, I will share about my idea of the prefect LOVE date. 

A perfect first date is when..
  • That boy asked you out, not you.
  • Gives you flowers.
  • Say romantic words. < Disgusting.
  • Say that you're so pretty tonight. :)
  • The boy pays the bill. I mean, if you guys date at a restaurant.
  • Nothing wrong happens.
  • No embarrassing moments.    
  • Just you and him.
  • Your mum doesn't call you to go back home early.
  • Both of you feeling awkward and shy. < Love is in the air.
  • Eye contacts. Woohoo.
  • That boy asks you to hang out with him again.
  • And both of you smile broadly to each other and have an eye contact again. 
I think that's enough, harh? I'm not good in these things okay. I never have a boyfriend before. It feels so disgusting to write this post but then, it's a part of my blog challenge. So, I just have to stay calm and go through this, right? * heart beats faster. Okay, I think I need to get out from here. * suffocates.  

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27 challenges left! :)

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