May 5, 2012

Day 7 Challenge .. :)

"Day 7 – Your dream wedding."

My dream wedding. Hmm.. My dream wedding? Hoho. I'm still too early to talk about that, huh? Wedding. A word that sometimes makes me think, "will I get married one day?" Maybe no. I'm not pretty. But well, who knows? Haha.

If I WILL get married, I would like a simple wedding. I don't want a grand, big wedding that costs billions and trillions of dollars. I just want simple wedding. I would like my wedding to be filled with flowers, maybe wild flowers or anything that are natural. I love the scents of fresh flowers and woods. Maybe I could held my wedding in the woods too! What a great idea.. :P

I would prefer white and light colours for my wedding. Maybe white plus light blue? Blue is my favourite colour, you see. Or maybe just black and white. Grey! Hmm.. pretty. I want a large icing cake with simple decorations on it. Oh, how nice it would be. Cakes. Yummy. 

But what I would always wanted in my dream wedding is, to marry the guy I love. * Yucks. When did I turn into a romantic person? What's the purpose of getting married if the guy is not the guy that we choose, right? Yeah. So, what really matters in a wedding is the person who will complete the puzzle of our life forever. :)

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. yEnNy . said...

the last sentence is pergghh. so AWeSOME la babe! :D

Wee Soo May said...

Of course lah, babe! Hoho. :D