May 6, 2012

Day 8 Challenge .. :)

"Day 8 – A song to match your mood."

What song? Well, I think the song that suit me for today is :

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Because I think I need some motivation to keep me ahead for this week. This song is quite nice and kinda give me more confidence. Don't you think so? I'm now having a lot of problems. Headache. Backache. Eyeache. < Is there such a word? Haha. I told you before that I'm entering an invention competition held by my Science teacher. I have the idea, but then it is very hard to find the 'ingredients' for my little invention. 

I almost gonna give up when everybody is laughing at my idea. They don't know who am I. I'm not the stupid fool, mad moron that everyone thinks! I hate people thinking that I'm doing something illogical. I'm not stupid, okay. I know how to think logically. I know I must not let all those annoying laughter break my spirit. I want to jump high! 

I might be a loser but wait and see. I know I can show to those fellows that laughed at me that I can do it. Wee Soo May can do it! Yeah! I'm the best! I will be the next Albert Einstein! Will I? Uh, don't even care about it. * sorta trying to give motivation to myself. Hoho. 

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