May 7, 2012

Day 9 Challenge .. :)

"Day 9 – A picture of you and your friends."

Oh yeah, photos. Before you guys read this post further, please be prepared for my ugliness in all those photos. Haha. Peace out. :)

This is me and my fellow classmates but my best friends weren't in this photo. Sad. But nevermine, they'll always in my heart, right? Can you see me? The cute little girl at the top. Hoho. I love this photo. I don't even know why. I think it's because everyone looks so pretty, including me. * vomits.  

This is one of the most special photos I have. This is me with my CSI friends during last 2011 PERMATApintar camp. All of them are very special. I love this very much! Everyone looked very happy and so do I. I wish I could go to that camp again this year and meet them all. Yeah! Here I come, friends!

Well, the girl beside me is the best friend I've ever have : my sister. We share secrets together, have fun together, travel together, enjoy holiday together, laugh together, cry together and so on. By the way, do you realize I've been doing the 'peace' sign in all these three photos? Weird. Haha. I guess it's my favourite gesture. Hoho.

Without friends, who are us? So, appreciate friends because without them, we'll have no one. With that, I thank you. < Is this a speech or what? :P 

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