May 9, 2012

Normal post :)

Hey ya! I'm back! Fuh. I've been missing this blog so much. Yeah, yeah. I don't have time, you see. My schedule is packed and there's nothing I can do about it. But, nevermine. I will still post in my blog. The minimum is : 1 post per week. Okay, that will keep you occupied, right?

I don't have much time to continue my 10th day challenge. So, I'll try to continue it tomorrow, okay? Done. By the way, I won the invention competition! Oh yes, I'm so happy. After all these hard work, it finally paid off. Thank you, Mr Brain. Thank you, Papa and Mummy and sis for giving me extra superb ideas. And, thank you, God. :)

I feel like I want to have a chess set. Well, my chess set is very small and so old and it's a magnetic chess set. It's so small that when you try to arrange the pieces on the board, one of them will go missing. It's too small, you see. Huh. There's somehow a new switch in my heart. It tells me to play chess. I don't know why. I regretted the decision I've made to not represent the school for chess competition. Silly me! Oh, nevermine.. I still have next year, right? Yeah. Chess 2013, I'm coming! :D

I think that's enough for today. I'll continue tomorrow. Have a brilliant day. :)

By the way, is this real? Please look at the photo below. 

Is this true? Well, I don't know. Hoho. If they're true, then it's good. If they're just some fake messages, the nevermine. At least they cheered me up a bit. Thanks :)

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