Jun 10, 2012

Followers Dilemma .. :/

Followers. Followers. Followers. Oh dear, blog. Are you boring for others to read? I'm weird. Why my blog has so few followers. Unlike my sister who gains new followers in her blog every week. Am my blog boring? Or maybe, most of my audiences are from Malaysia. So, they don't like English blogs? Well, my sis mixes the language in her blog. Half English and half Malay. So, people can actually understand, is it? But, my English are quite easy to understand, right? I'm confused! What should I do? I wish to gain some followers too. But is it important to have followers? I don't know. I just envy the blogs that have so many followers. More than 100! That's so many! All those blogs are Malay blogs. English blogs are boring? Or my posts aren't nice to read? I'm  puzzled. What should I really do to make my blog .. nice? I want people to read my blog, enjoy the posts, and feel worth it to follow my blog. I really .. uh! I just don't know what to do! Should I change my blog to a Malay one? Or should I just maintain just the way my blog are? When will I have followers? Now it will forever stuck at number 21. *sigh

Please, please, please and please comment anything about my blog. Give me any ideas or criticism. I don't mind. I'll accept anything. Please.. :)))))) I'm truly desperate to search for any solution regarding to this matter. Thank you. 

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