Jun 16, 2012

Heart Feelings Through Chinese

今天我很伤心。因为。。 我真的不要学华语。我很累。我的父母要我学华语,可是我不喜欢华语因为华语是真的不容易。 我有这么多东西要做。如果我不学华语,爸爸很妈妈都会很伤心的。 我要做这么样? 我也很难过。 我不要我的父母伤心。可是,我呢? :(

" I'm very sad today. Because.. I really don't want to learn Chinese. I'm very tired. My parents want me to learn Chinese, but I don't like Chinese because it is very hard. I have so many things to do. If I don't learn Chinese, Papa and Mummy will be sad too. What should I do? I'm sad too. I don't want my parents to be sad. Then, me? :( "

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