Jun 11, 2012

One Tough Day

School was okay. But it was indeed sucks! Huh. 

A few hours ago

I was nervous as my Bahasa Melayu (BM) teacher went into my class. BM is my killer subject, you see. I got C for PKBS 1, so I don't want nightmare to happen again. NEVER. Then, the teacher asked one of us to pass out the Paper 1. I got 28 correct out of 40 objective questions. Shocking, huh? It's so low! But then, I am weak in BM. So sad.. Then all of us were kinda nervous, waiting for Paper 2 result. Dup, dap, dup, dap.

Suddenly Athirah said that my Paper 1 marks are actually 31/40. She spotted the teacher's mistake and told me to tell her. But I'm scared. One, because I was scold by her when I talked to Athirah. But that was because I was explaining the meaning of 'modus operandi' to her. Sigh. :( Two, it's because I was scared that the whole class will call me names like.. urm.. how to say, ah? Oh, never mine. But I must tell the teacher. It is worth 3 extra marks, you know!

Apparently, there were other students who got their marks wrong too. I'm not the only one. Fuh. Then, my teacher told us to tick the right ones. So, I ticked the 3 questions that were mistakenly marked as false. A few minutes later, my name was called. As I walked towards the table, I was thinking that I must had given her a bad impression for talking just now. But then, I just forget it because I wasn't wrong, I'm EXPLAINING something to my friend. 

When I got there, I quickly blurted out the mistakes and showed her my Paper 1. Then..

"May, why did you ticked it?" she said with a fierce face.

"I thought you told us to tick the right ones," I said but my voice stutters as she watched my face sharply.

"Then I can't believe you anymore. There's nothing I can do. How can I know that you're telling the truth when you have already tick it? Don't lie to me.." And she continues but I'm not listening anymore. My eyes were blinking faster, my legs were starting to turn to jelly and my nose were kinda watery. I was trying so hard not to cry. She doubted my honesty? How can she doubted me? My honesty can't be doubted easily. I was taught not to lie since I was small! By the way, she did told us to tick the correct ones. How can she accused me like that? I was so disappointed and were trying to breath normally as hard as I could.

"Is there any witnesses?" I looked at my friends and they all raised up their hands. I was touched, you know. Thanks, friends. Then they came to gave explanations that I was really not lying. My whole body was shaking. Then I cried. In front of the WHOLE CLASS. All the boys looked. Super cool, right. 

The result is, I was proven innocent and my overall marks are 86%, an A. Ok, that's worth crying right? So, the only thing that I wanted to say here is, please don't ever doubt my honesty. I was born in a family that has taught me for so many years to not lie. So please, my honesty is not as cheap as any other things else. Honesty is my number one virtue. I don't hate that teacher (I love her!) but this true life experience is been posted here just to tell others that I am an honest girl and it will always stays forever. By the way, I really appreciated my friends who helped me just now. :)

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