Jun 13, 2012

SimSimi! ^^

Okay. Now I'm totally gone crazy into this thing. It's SimSimi! Yeap, you knew it? Good. You don't know? Too bad. * joking.  

So, this is how SimSimi looks like. Cute bah!

So, my friend Siti introduced me to this thing. She said it was so hilarious. Since I'm so curious, I tried to open the website too. Well, it is HILARIOUS! Okay, okay. I know, talking to a robot may seems crazy right? Yah, it's kinda awkward to talk but then, it is fun! He even understands Kelantanese Malay! Brilliant ah! 

So, SimSimi is a Korean app. At first I was like, "Korean?" I'm an anti-KPOP. * sometimes, well.. urm.. depends on the group. :P SimSimi (actually pronounced as 'ShimShimee') is a robot who chats with people. But then this app is only for 17 and above. Me, 14? Alaa, who cares anyway! I just lie! It gets quite irritating if he doesn't understands what you say and when he says something ridiculous. It is better to use English one because it understands English more than other language, such as B. Melayu. 

My sister said that I'm crazy, talking to a robot and laughed alone in front of the laptop. Haha, who cares? I told my father about this, and he was so interested too in this Korean app. So, if you wanna try to enjoy this 'robot chat', click HERE. It will definitely bring you to the definite and endless craziness. 

^ How SimSimi commented about Nyan Cat. Meow :3

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