Jun 8, 2012

So long holidays .. :)

Hi guys! I'm back! But I wished I wasn't. I want to live at my grandparents' house. Huh? Why I have this sudden change? Well, it's so far peaceful there. Not like here. Here sucks. Huh. I mean, cars passing by non-stop, this mad-rush about homework, internet line suddenly changed to green (slow), everyone looks at me like I'm weird, those Euro football madness and so on. Now what bothers me very much is this damn slow INTERNET. Urgh. Why can't it goes faster? Since I came back, the internet line has became a tortoise. I don't know why. The bills are paid already. The internet limit is not overdue yet. So what happens? When will this misery ends?? I really can't live without internet except if I didn't have a blog and a Facebook account. So now I'm going to blame Blogger and Facebook. My sis said I never blame myself. I always blame others. Yap, that's me. Never change. Duh. Why am I changing topics? Never mine. It doesn't really matters.

I think I've learned a lot of things from holidays. I'm more independent. I'm exposed to a lot of new things and new places there. I seem to be more matured now. My English is also getting better, right? My Mandarin language too. Yap, I'm a glowing star! I've been watching a lot of documentary programs during holidays and it has opened my eyes a lot. Huh? I'm so a geek to watch documentaries. I knew others would love to watch movies, dramas and so on, right? Well, I'm different. Haha. I don't want to waste holidays by watching useless things. I also watch tennis! It's French Open now. Yap, I knew a lot of players now. Not like last time, I only knew Rafael Nadal. Now I knew Stosur, Sharapova, Djokovic, Tsonga, Murray and so on. Who influenced me? My grandfather, of course. He is cool. He's a man with a touch screen handphone! I didn't even have one. He also knew all kinds of sports and can use computer too. Cool, huh? My grandmother is the best chef ever. She knows how to cook everything from traditional Chinese food to Western food such as chicken chop. Her chicken chop is the best!     

This May/June holidays are one of the best holidays I've had. I love my grandparents! By the way, I choose Spain for Euro Cup. You? :)

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