Jul 16, 2012

Birthday memories.. :)

Today is 16th. Bright and a sunny day. Which marks my 14th birthday was over. So, I'm 5116 days old. Yeay! I'm a vampire who lives more than 5000 years days. Wahahaha. 

So, my birthday was um. Great. Yeah, except for the little presents I have. Sob, sob. I got only two this year. Except for my the ang pows that my parents gave! Weehee! My sister haven't give me one yet. You owe me big, sista! Just kidding. I'm not that kind of person. Really? * can't believe it. =='

Then, I got two presents, just like I told you seconds ago. One from my best friend and one more is from um.. what type of friend shall I call that person? Okay, just ex-best friend. Huh? Never mind, this doesn't matters. As long as I got presents, then it's OK lah! I'm a present lover. ^^

So, my best friend gave me a file. To be more exact, a Pooh cartoon file! It's very damn cute with it's very cute little damn cartoon. Why am I using 'damn'? Damn. -_- So, gonna keep it! Not gonna use it! It's too pretty! I was like, "What? File again? I just got a file. Oh no..". I got a free file from the school because of the quite good grades I had for the mid-year exam. At the end of the day, I had to bring back a lot of files home. Heavy lah! Mueheehe. That's the first present I got yesterday. Then.. no more presents. Sad May. :(

But then.. I got another present today! Yeah, my friends passed it to me. It's from You-Don't-Know-Who. I was like, "What?", but then I felt a great feeling of joy because I got another present! I don't care who is that person, as long as I get presents. * evil laugh and smile. It's an alarm clock with LED lights which can change to different types of colours. Good, 'cause I really need an alarm clock to wake me up right on time. So, that's the second present and maybe the last. Sad, sad.

This post is for those who gave me presents and celebrated my birthday and don't forget! Thanks too to the ones whom wishes me in Facebook! Love you all! Teeheeeheee :D

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