Jul 14, 2012

My 5114th Day on Earth

Okay, my 5114th day on Earth. I counted it from 14th July 1998. So, erm, today is my birthday? Yeah. Yeay! * duh. So, it's around 12 am now.. hmm.. 14th July. My birth date. One of the most important dates in my life. So, I'm officially 14 years old. Oh, so if you don't know me, I'll tell you my name. Start all over again. Hi, my name is Wee Soo May and today, I am 14. I live in a small town in a state in Malaysia and I'm in Form 2. I love to eat, sleep, do good things and read books from comics to religious books. I like blue, I'm tomboy, I wish I was a boy but I'm now actually a girl and I was born like that. I'm an adventurous girl and I like music, ranging from playing piano to listening to K-POP. Yes, that is me. So, to those who don't know me, you know me now, right? And again, I'm writing this post because it's my 5114th day living on Earth. So, lucky me? Perhaps. Hope so. Happy Birthday to ME! *yeahyeah*

First of all, I would like to thank everyone whom I met all these 14 years of my life. Thanks for filling up my memories, okay? I think I'm quite lucky enough to know great people like YOU (maybe) and know great things in my entire 14 years of life. So, to appreciate them.. I'm gonna write a very, very long post. * evil laugh. Will I? Wait and see.. So, no 1, I'll thank my Dad. Hi Papa, thanks for taking care of me and give me so many moral supports and always advises me a lot of things. Yah, some will say you're boring with your so-many-facts conversation, but it doesn't matter to me. What matters is you are still my Papa. Papa, I love you so much! Just wanna tell that I'm not bored with your factual talks, but sometimes yes. As I said just know, it doesn't matter! Without Papa, I wouldn't have sitting here and typing. Thanks for everything. Yeah, I mean it. My Papa is the best! 

Second, my Mummy. She is the best Mummy and sometimes the fiercest Mummy in the world. I betcha. So, hi Mummy. I'm writing here, just to say how much I love you! I know life is kinda hard lately, 'cause you now rarely smile and laugh like last time. I know I'm perhaps the naughtiest child in the world who always make you mad like hell. Sorry! I will try to change and try to make you happy all the time. Maybe you and Papa won't read my blog, but it's okay. As long as everything is well and prosper, I'll wish for no more. I cried a lot because you scolded me a lot but.. that's the past. Past are meant to be forgotten, right Mummy? Yeah, hope you won't scold me so bad anymore and do SMILE! Thanks for the lovely dishes and everything! Love both of you! Mum and Papa!

The third one is.. * drum roll. My sister! Hi, Che Che. (Che Che stands for Elder Sister) How are you, harh? Having headache to have an unpredictable sister like me? Having 'mindache' for a cunning sister like me? Haha. Sorry! Okay, I'm lucky lah to have you as a sister. Ok, I can see your nose getting bigger, sis! Thanks for keeping secrets and even listening to my late-night stories when you're actually deadly sleepy. Hoho. You have to! You're my sister, okay! Love you too! Conclusion : I LOVE MY FAMILY.

And don't forget my grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends! Without you guys, who am I? I'm very lucky to know all of you and yeah, so on. Thanks, for all of your kindness and perhaps, money spent on me? Hehe. * evil smile. And I love my brain for keeping so many nice memories with all my beloved ones. And for keeping precious knowledge and experiences. I would also thank PERMATApintar program for being a part of my life, I guess. I'm not sure if I can be my new ME without it. I really appreciate this program and yeah, it really changes my life. Not a bit, but a lot. Thank you God for all the good things I have and also the bad things I have. Life is simple but yet it can be complicated too. What am I talking about? Out of topic. Oh yes. Birthday. Hee.

I've really learned a lot of things in this 14 years. I learned how to be good and I think I've been doing less bad things. I just realized what really changed me is my religion. I just noticed that life would be lifeless without religion. It doesn't matter what your religion is. Either Buddha, Christian, Islam, Hindu or Bahai or anything. Every religion teaches people how to be good. I really.. learned a lot from reading Buddhism books and all stuff. It really opened my eyes wide. I do hope this kind of slight 'enlightenment' will stays forever and I do hope I can find out more about my religion. I also learned a lot of things from scientific view. I read a lot of Wikipedia articles and found out lots of things too. Knowledge is really useful, you know. It can be used in everywhere. I'm glad I'm old enough to notice all these things. Yeah, I'm glad. :)

I know sometimes people hates me, but that's life okay. I do wish there's no people saying about me behind me but still, I just can't stop it. Sometimes, life is not that easy. It's either hard or medium hard. We can turn it to EASY but I just don't know why people keep talking bad things. What did I do? I've really tried to improve myself and do a lot of good things but I still sometimes heard people talking about me. Well, bad things. But, it's good enough that most people like me rather than hate me. That's good enough. So, to haters and gossipers and 'bad talkers', you are ruining yourself, seriously. As Buddhists, we believe in karma. Doing good things, then God will award you with good things. Bad things? Well, you know it yourself. I prefer to be quiet than scolding people that hates me because it will do things worse. So, I hope nobody will speak bad things about me anymore 'cause if they still do it, I'll be terribly sad.

Which part of me that I want to improve it this year? Everything. From mind to feet. Huh? o.O * hyperbolas. I hope I can improve my attitude from A to Z. Improve my academic results. Improve my brain. Improve my manners. And well, I think there's one thing I really need to improve. That is.. talking. I'm a talkative and yet I talk so many bad things. So now, I'm trying to reduce it and try to speak more useful things than gossiping. Girls usually like to gossip, everyone knows that. So, I'm going to change it. I don't want everything to be like last time again. So, no bad words or bad things coming out from my mouth. Everything has to be good and nice. Yeah, my 14th year MISSION! Hoho, challenge accepted!

I want a lot of things for my birthday. One, a pair of earphones. My old earphones are spoiled! I really wanted to listen to 1D songs using earphones, rather than listening it using loud speakers. Two, er, a happy family! I wish my family will be happily ever after and yeah, Mummy will smile and laugh always. Three, I hope, erm, I'll be a good and brilliant person! Four, I hope.. I'll be able to go to PERMATApintar camp every year. That's my top materialistic wish for every year. I really hope He will fulfill my wishes. Well, that earphones are not really important. The most important things are the 3 other wishes. Please.. :)

So, this post is coming to an end. * sigh. I'm really tired of typing. So, I hope my birthday will be unknown to people, even my family. Except that my parents just know about it just now. I think it's Che Che who told them. -_- No one is going to read my blog, so no worries! No one will ever know, except if.. Facebook! Oh nevermine, nobody's going to celebrate it. Yeah, a quiet birthday. My 5114th day on Earth. My 14th birthday. 

Happy Birthday to me, 
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to little me,
Happy Birthday to me. 

Sorry for the unrelated pics. :D

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