Jul 25, 2012

Normal and Useless Post for No Reason

Okay, I supposed everyone would have noticed the change in my blog, right? Yes. I've really change the whole thing. I'm bored with the new one. I took the background from Blogger 'cause I'm too lazy to do a new one and.. I did a very very very simple header. Is it nice? I don't know. But at least, it's not that ugly, right?

I'm bored. I'm really sleepy. I feel like the air pressure is pushing me down. Well, haha it is. I just learnt air pressure in Science. Teehee. I feel so tired and so lazy to talk, even to open my mouth. Luckily, I got less homework this week, so I'm not that rush! I feel more relaxed now, except for some kind of problems.

I was thinking one.. thing. Can I ride a motorbike to school? Well, just now I accompanied my sister for prefect duty at the motorcycle park. Car park = Motorcycle park? Whatever. And it really feels so nice to see the motorbikes arranged neatly and yeah, they are all so cool. By the way, next year there'll be only me in my school. No more siblings. Sob, sob. My sister is Form 5, so next year she'll going away soon, to continue her studies. So, it will kinda burden Mom because Mom has to send me to school that is 10km away while her office is just only 2km away! Pity her. I will feel awkward lah if Mom has to send me to school.. me, ALONE. But this year, she still sends my sister and I to school. But yeah, that's because there are TWO of us.

By the way, when the school is over, who will take me home, next year? I always go home with Auntie Cheong all these years because his son is also attending the same school with me. But, his son is the same age with my sis. So, they'll be out from school together next year! So, I'll be the only Chinese in the school. So, it'll not be too nice to ask her to wait for me, right? Next year, I'm going to be a PMR candidate. So, I'm sure there will be thousands of classes and staybacks. I will only can go home around 3-4pm. If Mom is going to pick me up, I have to wait her until 5.30pm! Whoa..! That's too late, bro. Every day? 5.30pm? That's impossible.

If I can ride motorcycle to school, it will really save many people's times and energy, including mine. I don't think it will be very dangerous to go to school with motorbike, if I go to school early in the morning (where there is no cars yet) and back home quite late, around 3pm (to avoid traffic jams). When I talked about it to my sis, she didn't disagree, which is great. She just said, "Hmm.. We'll think about it later."

It's time to think about it thoroughly now 'cause next year my sis wouldn't be with me anymore. I think my idea is quite rational and I do hope Mom and Papa will at least consider thinking about it first. I could just use Papa's old bike, right? I'm now trying to find a suitable time to tell them. Hmmm...

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