Jul 19, 2012

Oh God..

"I'm so sorry,
I'm so confused.."
- I Should've Kissed You by One Direction

* sigh. I'm really confused. I really really can't sleep and eat and do other things peacefully! I'm so tired this week. I really can't rest this week. My brain keep thinking about it all day. I'm really.. useless, am I? My eyes are tired. I feel so empty. I keep thinking about that thing until I'm exhausted. 

It's so tiring to have a weird and complicated relationship with someone. Emotions are controlling the minds.. I don't know what am I talking about. It's just so complex. Much more complex than building a robot. Humans have feelings, that's why it's so complex. Why can't this thing be forgotten FOREVER?

History has repeated itself again, I guess. * sigh. BTW, I've just read this article : How to know a guy likes you. I accidentally read it and it's quite interesting. You should check it out!

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