Jul 4, 2012

Sad Moments..

I now finally feel like living in a roller coaster. I always thought that my roller coaster is always smooth and have no obstacles at all. Yah, now I was wrong. Totally wrong. My life is still a normal roller coaster which has ups and downs. Silly me, I thought I will be lucky all the time. But, it's not. I still have to cry. I still have to be disappointed. I still have to be weak. I still have to be sad. I still have to bear all the unhappy moments.

So many unexpected truths that I need to take. So many sufferings that I have to endure lately. I know I'm weak. I know I'm an weak girl. I'm still a small kid am I? I thought everything in my life would be fine all the time. But I was wrong. Maybe I have had so much happiness in my life that I need to have all these sufferings now. I'm too weak to handle this. But, what can I do? I just have to be brave.

There's no one else who can understand. It's just me. I have to be the superwoman. No one can save me but only me can save myself. Yeah, I can't be this weak. I need to be tougher. I need to gain all my power again. I need to pray. I know maybe now God is giving me a test. I need to pass the test. Yeah, no more WEAK MAY. Just have to move on. Right! Nothing can stop me. I hope so. :)

Just have to relax and take a deep breath and enjoy ONE DIRECTION songs! Huh? o.O

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