Jul 26, 2012


Guys.. I lost my TV! I can't believe it too, until my father said it. Oh no.. I've got my super nice Chinese drama tonight, Harry Potter and The Goblet Fire tomorrow, and tomorrow there will be the grand opening ceremony of Olympic!! Oh no!! There are so many channels I wanna watch this weekend! Aaaa.. What am I gonna do??

Papa sold the TV to one of his workers. It's an old TV, and a very small one. We've been complaining to him quite a few times to buy a new TV. Well, Wee Soo May. Your wish had just came true! I know, but.. not on this particular weekend.. I do hope Papa will buy a new one tomorrow! I really want to watch the Olympics and the Harry Potter movie!

I hope Papa will buy a bigger TV. Yeay! Olympic, be patient! Don't start off too early! To team Malaysia, good luck! Wish you all the best in Olympics! Lee Chong Wei..!!

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