Aug 15, 2012

A One-Week Stories


This week is jam packed, that's why I don't have time to post anything. By the way, it's HOLIDAY! Feel so happy right now! School's over and there's nothing I have to worry about. Except for one thing.. Never mine, that thing is still a long way yet. This week I did a lot of things.

I did all my homework because I felt so hardworking on that day and I slept early for Olympics Closing Ceremony.

I woke up at 4 am although I set the alarm clock on 3.00 am. I rubbed my eyes, walked heavily towards the TV and watch the closing ceremony alone. Then, my sister and my Mum woke up and we watched together. It was quite boring in the beginning but then I heard, " Nanananananananana " and it was One Direction! I screamed, you know! Although it was around 4.15 in the morning. They sang WMYB and it was so perfect!! I felt like going to kiss the TV and hug the TV! I watched the Olympics from 4 am-7 am and went to school. Awesome.

One D in Olympics!!! 

Aaaahhhhh...! I felt so sleepy due to watching Olympics last night. *sigh. Had a headache, maybe because lack of sleep and I did a cake! I BAKE a cake. The cake was brilliant and Mum kept praising me for the job well done. Yeahehehe.

Wednesday (Today!)
Last day of school for this term. Feeling light and happy for the school to end. I got no. 2 for making a greeting card competition and got a certificate too! Cool. Then, everything went well except that my head kept aching for no reason. Did photography session with my BEST BEST FRIENDS and done for today!

From left: Siti, Trah, me and Raisya!

The photo is a bit blur but never mine! It's quite pretty, huh? By the way, found a new word today = exquisite which means extremely beautiful and pleasant! Just wanted to share it. Sharing is caring. Toodles!

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