Aug 9, 2012



Night is getting late but I'm still awake. Enjoying the fresh air while I am still young and alive. Eyes getting teary and tired, but my hands just can't stop typing. This is just a short intro to say a simple 'Hi'.

I don't even know what do I mean by that. Never mine. None of whoever's business here. I'm now feeling like fainting because too exhausted of learning and studying. Music exam is on the day after tomorrow and I also have Mandarin classes tomorrow! Aaahhh.. Sometimes I feel like shutting down myself just like a computer and on it when I feel like I want it. It's better than having to suffer being a studying maniac. But well, I'm supposed to be a nerd, except for me wearing spectacles. Haha.

Today I found out so many things that are so unexpected and well, unbelievable. But, I just guess humans are like that. They just tend to do something that they wanna do. I'm like that too. Hehe. But, I'm not stupid. Everything that we are going to do must be well-planned and well-thought. So that mistakes will never happen in the future, which is true. By the way, there's one girl in my class who is very annoying. She sits in front of me and makes me feel angry all the time. Not ALL the time, but ALMOST. She loves to be no. 1. That irritates me the most. She will try her best to reach the class first, example if we go to the library. Then she would hurryingly walks very fast and get in to the library first. She just wouldn't let others win! She even knocks others away if the others walks in front of me. In my case, she did. She knocked me away when I was (and am) much more higher and bigger than her. Just because she is little, then she can do anything?! Urgh.

Then, she likes to interrupt anything that we say. She also likes to secretly listen to my group's conversation which is very VERY annoying. She likes to say, "Serve you right!" or simply in BM, "Padan muka!" to us if we did something wrong or anything. She doesn't care about others feelings too. The whole class hates her, even the boys. Me, myself am trying to control myself everyday from slapping her. Her mouth is so talkative that everyone will kinda feel like, "Hey you. Shut up!".

She also likes to make the teachers think that she is so clever, which annoys me the most. I told you, she wants to be the no. 1 always. So, if everytime the teacher asks anything, she'll be the first. And she will be like so proud because she can answer the teacher's question correctly. But if we look at her from behnd the scene (I'm sitting behind her), she's actually taking the answers from reference book! She hides her books so that no one can see what she's doing. But unfortunately, my friends and I saw what she did. The only problem is, she seems to be so proud that she can provide the answers. Did she ever think that the answers are actually not hers? So why must she be proud with?

And.. so on. But she really gave me headaches every time I see her. Why ah? I don't know too. I was typing this things so that everyone, even you all could make this an example. Well, I don't want you to be like her! I just want people to understand if they do something wrong, and maybe hurting people's feelings. She knows she hurts so many people, but she seems to enjoy it very much. She doesn't want to change even if she knows that she is annoying. So, it's better if we realize it, then change it. Be a better person. Don't be an ignorant who just doesn't want to change into a better person. No one's perfect, but at least, we can try our best, right?

I really hope she can change herself, one day. For the sake of goodness. :)

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